Strict control of Ajax – Bayern Munich tickets

Strict control of Ajax – Bayern Munich tickets

The last group match in the Champions League, between Ajax and Bayern Munich, has been sold out for some time. Ajax warns its supporters to not purchase or sell tickets through other channels. Severe penalties will be applied in both cases.

The rules are as follows:

*It is strictly forbidden to buy or sell tickets.  Ajax will actively seek out individuals who are selling tickets, and sanctions will be applied to these individuals accordingly.

*Tickets offered for sale through channels other than the Ajax ticket shop (for example online marketplaces such as Marktplaats, Viagogo, etc) will be considered black market goods.  Moreover, these tickets could potentially be counterfeit, or blocked.  The buyer risks being denied entry to the game.

*Ajax enforces a home support only policy.  Supporters from the opposition who are in possession of a ticket which is in an area intended for Ajax supporters will be denied entry or removed, for safety reasons.

Important advice for Bayern Munich supporters:

*If you do not have a ticket for the visitors’ stands, then please do not come to the stadium.