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Ajax launches the Ajax Gaming Academy, an app where FIFA players can play tournaments and watch exclusive tutorials. Ajax will organise several FIFA 21 tournaments in the app, like the Ziggo eBattles, in the coming months. In these tournaments, every player, beginner or professional, can compete for special prizes. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

First version
The Ajax Gaming Academy is the first digital platform launched by Ajax Esports, therein becoming the first FIFA Esports team with such an in-depth app. Over the next few months, Ajax Esports will further develop the app by adding a ranking system. Mobile gaming partner Azerion has created multiple minigames for the app of which one is already exclusively available in the app, and the remaining ones will be released in the upcoming few weeks.

Research: FIFA players want to win prizes
Ajax is always looking for the next way to interact with our global fanbase. Research showed us that FIFA fans are looking for two things in particular: playing tournaments & improving at FIFA.

Menno Geelen, commercial director at Ajax: "Together with Ziggo we will host the Ziggo eBattle for our fans on a weekly basis where people can win unique prizes. Also, we’re introducing FIFA21 tutorials that fans from all over the world can utilise to improve in the new game. Now, we are not only helping future talent on the pitch, but also in the virtual world."

Knock-out tournament feature
Ajax is proud of the innovative knock-out tournament feature within the Ajax Gaming Academy. App users can sign up for a tournament during the day and before their match starts, they will receive a notification. Opponents can find each other on either Xbox or PlayStation and start playing. After the match they can submit the results. The tournament will continue after until there is one champion. There are a few innovative features that will prevent cheating, like the necessity to upload screenshots of the result that will be checked by a moderator. In this way, fairness and fun will be guaranteed in the new app.

Launching partners
Ziggo, adidas and Azerion are launching partners of the Ajax Gaming Academy. Goal will act as a global media partner to promote the app on a global scale.

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