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Ajax has been collaborating with JUKE since the start of this season (2020-2021). Thanks to the partnership, a next step has been made and Ajax Radio is now a 24-hour online channel. There are live reports of all official Ajax matches (home and away) and music for a wide audience, sprinkled with an Ajax twist here and there.

Ajax Radio has been around for 11 years and initially focussed on home competitions. This season is the first time that all matches are broadcast. The great thing is that you don't have to miss anything on Ajax 1 competitions from our commentators Diederik van Zessen and Anne de Jong. No news breaks, no other competitions in the broadcast, and no adverts. Just 90 full minutes of Ajax.

Ajax Podcast in new form With Ajax Radio, you can also listen in to the Ajax Podcast in a new form that now has an international focus. David the Host is the presenter. He is backed by co-host and former Ajax player, Eyong Enoh. The podcast is released twice a month.

Commercial director Menno Geelen is enthusiastic: ''This way, de Ajax Podcast (in English) has a wonderful place in JUKE under the flag of Ajax Radio. Things are also going well in our media partnership with Radio Veronica, which also falls under the Talpa Network just like JUKE."

On JUKE, you can listen to all episodes of the Ajax Podcast as well.

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