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The Supervisory Board and management of AFC Ajax NV reached an agreement this Thursday with Alex Kroes that he will step down as CEO and chairman of the board, and subsequently start as titular technical director. If and when a final agreement is reached, the relevant agenda item of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on May 21 will be cancelled.


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On April 2, 2024, Kroes was suspended after the Supervisory Board learned that, a week before the publication of his intended appointment on August 2, 2023, he had bought over 17,000 shares in Ajax. Should it be determined by an authorised authority at any time that there has been a serious violation of insider trading rules, the Supervisory Board will also reconsider Kroes' position as titular technical director.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Michael van Praag: "We are not deaf to the voices around us and have spoken extensively with people within and outside Ajax over the past weeks, including the Executive Board and, of course, with Alex himself. Naturally, conditions have been agreed upon that made this change possible. The club needs to move forward, and we believe it is good for Ajax that we ultimately reached this solution together. Alex will play an important role in the football-technical part of the organisation, particularly on the acquisition and sales policy."

Alex Kroes: "I am very pleased we found a suitable solution. We have put the interests of Ajax and football first together; the focus at Ajax must be on football again. We need everyone's support to finish this season as well as possible. At the same time, we will jointly start working decisively for the new season."

"It is high time that all the forces within and around the club unite as one Ajax and combine all the knowledge and expertise among the Ajax people. I look forward to building a bright future for Ajax, not only with Louis van Gaal, Danny Blind, Marijn Beuker, and Kelvin de Lang but also with everyone around them. Ajax must become Ajax again."