Head of youth academy Ouaali extendes until mid- 2021

Head of youth academy Ouaali extendes until mid- 2021

Ajax and the head of the youth academy, Saïd Ouaali, have agreed to extend his contract which had been effective until June 30, 2019.  Ouaali’s new contract will be valid until mid-2021.

Saïd Ouaali: “I’m happy to extend my stay with Ajax by two more years. It shows a lot of confidence that Ajax wishes to continue with me, and I’m proud of that.  In the last few years, I’ve worked hard with all of my colleagues to bring our youth academy to an even higher level.”

“A key aim of ours is to simulate individual players and enable talent to flow through, within the youth academy and eventually to Ajax 1.  We have achieved much in the past three years, but I realise that there is always room for improvement.  This extension gives me the opportunity to continue on our path and develop our youth academy even more.”

Overmars: 'We are seeing a lot of good development with the youth teams. The most obvious one is the increase in the number of  hours spent training.”

Marc Overmars, Director of Football Affairs: “We wanted to continue with Saïd.  He’s a hard worker and trustworthy person with a stable character.  He started wit hus during a tumultuous time, but thanks in part to him, the academy has been able to continue in the set course.  We’re seeing many good developments with the youth teams.  The most obvious one is the increase in the number of hours spend training.”

“We’re convinced that, thanks to this, the talents will be able to develop better and faster.  This is also made possible by the school that we have here at the club, which means that players stay at the club longer and can follow a well put-together program.  This extension will bring stability to our academy, and will enable us to take the next steps to become even better.”

At the youth academy since 2011-2012
Ouaali (born on July 9, 1969 in Beni Said, Morocco) started as a coach in Ajax’s youth academy midway through the 2011-2012 season.  As of 2014, he worked as the coordinator for the upper teams. which is a function that he combined with that of interim head of the youth academy.  He was officially appointed as the head of Ajax’s youth academy in 2016.