Brazilian 'Tore' new eSporter Ajax

Brazilian 'Tore' new eSporter Ajax

Victor dos Santos Coelho, in short Tore, is the new eSporter of Ajax. The 17-year old Brazilian is the new member of Team Ajax and will compete on the PlayStation 4. He thereby replaces Lev Vinken who transferred to Faze Clan early December. Tore will immediately join the team when Ajax eSports goes to Florida for a training camp on Monday.

Second on the world on the PlayStation 4
Ajax’ newest addition has finished his school and lives together with his family near Sao Paolo. He focusses full-time on playing FIFA: "My first FIFA was FIFA 07. In the beginning I played for fun with my friends, but when I noticed I won quite easily I started to play more serious. In 2016 I started competing in online tournament in Brazil, which I won multiple times. My first big event this season was the FUT Champions Cup 1 in Bucharest, where I became 2nd of the world on the PlayStation 4."

The professionality with which Ajax deals with eSports and the positive feeling the club gave Tore made the choice easy: “Ajax deals with eSports very professionally, which is for example shown by them having a technical staff to coach the eSporters. Together with my management Bundled, who realized this together with Ajax, and the team I hope to get good results this season. It makes me proud to represent this club which such a great history. Ajax is very big in Brazil.”

'The expectations are high'
Team manager of Ajax eSports, Absalom Warkor, is enthusiastic about the youngest arrival: "Tore is currently the best Brazilian PS4-player and belongs to the best players in the world. The fact is that he is a young player and his talent can stretch much further. Together with him we will work on continuously improving him, the expectations are high."

'The world of eSports moves very quick and players have mixed results. If you’re looking for a player you keep having multiple players on the radar and keep an eye on multiple aspects. In our opinion Tore fits perfectly, both as a very talented PS4-player with proven results as well as his personality. Together with his coaches we will work on Tore, for example with English classes. Currently the most important thing is that he feels at home as soon as possible. That’s what we’ll start with on Monday in Florida”, says Absalom.

'I want to win one of the big EA-events this season'
Despite his age, Tore has big ambitions for his first season: “I want to win one of the big EA-events and qualify myself for the FIFA eWorld Cup.” Tore is heading in the right direction so far by qualifying for 3 out of the 4 FUT Champions Cups. His next big tournament is the FUT Champions Cup 4, where he will compete, just like Dani and Joey, for the title and points for the world ranking.