Future Cup-alert: Ajax U17 will meet Anderlecht in semi-finals

Future Cup-alert: Ajax U17 will meet Anderlecht in semi-finals

Welcome to day 2 of the ABN AMRO Future Cup! Will the Ajax U17s manage to qualify for the semi-finals?  Follow all of the developments via the Future Cup alert.

15:15 | Anderlecht - Ajax!
And we can get ready for great semi-finals!  On Monday, we will see Anderlecht – Ajax (12:45) and Juventus – Atlético Madrid (11:15)

15:09 | Anderlecht wins pool B
Thanks to a 0-4 win against PSG, Anderlecht has won group B.  Atlético Madrid has also gone through; the Spanish team defeated Boca Juniors and have climbed to second place.

Results pool B
Atlético Madrid - Boca Juniors 1-0
PSG - Anderlecht 0-4

14:33 | Excitement in pool B
It seems like Anderlecht is sitting pretty.  The Belgians are virtually at the top of pool B.  But who will be second? Atlético leads 1-0 against Boca Juniors and will go into the semi-finals if this holds.  But if Boca comes back, then it’s the Argentinian team which will be among the final four.

Halftime scores pool B
Atlético Madrid - Boca Juniors 1-0
PSG - Anderlecht 0-2

14:00 uur | Decision in groep B
The deciding match of group B has also kicked off.  On the main field, PSG faces Anderlecht.  On field 1, Atlético Madrid – Boca Juniors.

13:58 | ❤️ for mama Ünüvar
For the second time in this ABN AMRO Future Cup, he’s the match winner: Naci Ünüvar!  He made a heart sign for his mother, who is watching the game from Italy with his little brother.

13:43 | Juve group winner, Ajax 2nd
Thanks to a 3-0 win against Sagan Tosu, Juventus is the winner of pool A.  Ajax is second and is through to the semi-finals as well!

13:40 | THROUGH!
Yes! Ajax defeats Tottenham Hotspur by 1-0, and is through to the final 1!  A great game by the young Ajacieds!

Results pool A
Ajax - Tottenham Hotspur 1-0
Juventus - Sagan Tosu 3-0

13:34 | Substitution Ajax
Goal scorer Naci Ünüvar makes way for Julius Dirksen in the final minutes.

13:30 | 😱😱😱
Ajax escapes! An attacker from Tottenham comes face to face with Ratsie, gets the ball past the keeper, but shoots the bouncing ball over the empty goal.  Still 1-0 for Ajax, but the game can’t go to a tie!

13:21 | Ajax
At Ajax 17 Joshua Pynadath leaves, Raphael Sarfo comes in.

13:16 | Juve at 2-0
Juventus has doubled its lead against Sagan Tosu: 2-0.  That means that the Italians are heading for the group win.

13:09 | No substitutions
Ajax U17 has started the second half unchanged.  Hold on to that 1-0 lead!

13:05 | Lead at halftime!
Ajax U17 goes into halftime with a 1-0 lead against Tottenham.  Dave Vos’  team has played a good first half and had Tottenham by the throat.  If the Ajacieds win, they will be among the final four.

Halftime scores pool A
Ajax O17 - Tottenham Hotspur 1-0
Juventus - Sagan Tosu 1-0

12:48 | NACI DOES IT!! ⚽️
GOAL AJAX U17! Naci Ünüvar brings his team into the lead in the 15e minuut with a good shot:  1-0!

12:46 | Erik ten Hag attentive spectator
Ajax 1’s training is over.  So Erik ten Hag comes to take a look at Ajax U17 – Tottenham.

12:41 | U17 without Hoogewerf
No Dillon Hoogwerf on Ajax’s match sheet.  The forward was seen with crutches and a bandaged right knee this morning.

12:30 | Kick-off!
Ajax U17 – Tottenham has started!  Let’s do this, boys!  On the other field, Juventus – Sagan Tosu, the other pool A game, is underway.

12:27 | Hunter-alert!
Seen at the Toekomst: Klaas Jan Huntelaar.  Saturday evening’s match winner was on the training field with Ajax 1 on Sunday.

12:20 | Ready boys?
Go big or go home! Go Ajax!

10:42 | Excitement in pool B
Anything is possible in pool B.  Anderlecht is in first place, but number 4 Atlético Madrid still has a shot at a semi-final spot.

14:00: Atlético Madrid - Boca Juniors
14:00: PSG - RSC Anderlecht

10:39 | Standing in pool A
Ajax U17 knows what it needs to do!  At 12:30, Dave Vos’ men kick off against leader Tottenham Hotspur.  Anything is possible: with a win, the Ajacieds could make it to the semi-finals!

10:11 uur | Lukaku is watching! 👀
The ABN AMRO Future Cup is enjoying a lot of support. Romelu Lukaku is supporting Anderlecht U17.

9:25 uur | Schedule
At 12:30, Ajax U17 – Tottenham Hotspur takes place, but there are many more great matches scheduled for today:

12:30: AFC Ajax – Tottenham Hotspur

12:30: Juventus - Sagan Tosu

14:30: Atletico Madrid – Boca Juniors

14:30: PSG – RSC Anderlecht

8:30 | Welcome to day 2!
Good morning Ajacieds!  Easter Sunday is Match day 2 at the ABN AMRO Future Cup. Today’s schedule is small but exciting, with the top game against Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur.  The Ajacieds need to win in order to qualify for the next round.