Olivier Aertssen

Olivier Aertssen has been playing in Amsterdam since 2019. At the time, he transferred from Sparta’s youth academy, where he played since 2018. The defender debuted in Ajax 1 on January 11, 2023, in the Dutch cup match against FC Den Bosch: 0-2.

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Olivier Aertssen

Players statistics

Goal attempts conversion

0% Goal attempts conversion

Defensive head-to-heads won

62% Defensive head-to-heads won

Offensive head-to-heads won

52% Offensive head-to-heads won

Arrived passings

90% Arrived passings

Player statistics

About Olivier

Position Defender
Nationality Netherlands
Born 8/7/2004
Length 182 cm
Played games 23
In starting lineup 23
Brought on 0
Taken off 1
Under contract since

News items

Contract Aertssen 1280

Ajax extend Olivier Aertssen contract

Ajax and Olivier Aertssen have agreed on a new contract. The 18-year-old defender's new commitment runs retroactively from 1 January 2023 to 30 June 2025, with an option to extend for another year. His old contract ran until mid-2023.


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Aertssen En Aertssen 1280

The Aertssen family loves to spend time on the water: 'Even on the water, we talk about football'

It is the ideal place to relax or have some quality time with family: in a boat on the water. With Olivier and his father Gaico we choose the open water in their new hometown of Almere. The eighteen-year-old Ajax defender joined the club's youth academy in 2019 and made his debut in the first team in the cup match with FC Den Bosch. "On the water, the conversations are always about football."


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