Six goals in Switzerland for Ajax Women


The Ajax Women are unlikely to miss out on their qualification for the head tournament of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The Azerion Vrouwen Eredivisie champion achieved a solid victory against FC Zurich. The final score in the preliminary round of the European club tournament was 0-6.


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From the first whistle, the play was clear. The home team had little input against the Ajax players, who dominated the match from start to finish. Before the first ten minutes were played, Quinty Sabajo scored 0-1. Grant doubled the lead ten minutes before half-time. With that goal, the attacker gave the Ajacieden a comfortable lead.

The already good feeling was turned into euphoria by Romée Leuchter. Her quick 0-3 in the second half brought calm to the playing style of the Ajax Vrouwen. After the comfortable lead, the women hardly had to deal with any danger.

In fact, the Amterdam-based team continued the score. Especially Luchter was on a scoring streak. Within thirteen minutes, she scored the fourth and fifth goals for Ajax. Substitute Danique Tolhoek completed the goal fest by scoring the 0-6 right before the end of the match. It was Tolhoek’s first goal for the Ajax Women.

FC Zurich - Ajax Women 0-6 (0-2)
09. Sabajo 0-1
34. Grant 0-2
47. Leuchter 0-3
56. Leuchter 0-4
60. Leuchter 0-5
89. Tolhoek 0-6

Ajax Women: Van Eijk; Noordam (61. Noordman), Spitse, De Sanders, Weerden (83. De Klonia); Sabajo, Van Gool, Yohannes (74. Tolhoek); Grant (I. Hoekstra), Leuchter, Hoekstra (74. Jansen)

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