Faberski is ready: 'For ourselves and for the club'

Jan Faberski Verhaal
Jan Faberski Verhaal

Ajax U18 will battle AZ for the national title on Saturday. A star on the left wing of the Amsterdam-based team is Jan Faberski. The Pole knows what he and his teammates play for. "This is what we worked for every training this season."


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Sports complex De Toekomst has been Faberski's home since 2022. The eighteen-year-old Ajacied joined Ajax from the Polish Jagiellonia Białystok and has been showing his skills in Amsterdam since then. "The first two years here have been good for me. I am gaining experience and learning a lot as a person. I'm very happy with my development so far", he says humbly. "The Dutch way of playing also suits me better. In Poland, there were a lot of deep balls and very physical. I'd rather play build-up and have a lot of contact with the ball."

Faberski knows Ajax had been following him a while before he actually moved to the Netherlands. "I think over five years. I was scouted at a tournament once, where I was chosen as the best player, along with Mark Verkuijl of Ajax and Rayane Bounida of Anderlecht at the time. Now we play together."

"I feel great here", he continues. That great feeling is visible with the quick attacker on the pitch, too. With important goals during away matches against PSV and Feyenoord in the battle for the Spring title, Faberski was worth his weight in gold for his team. "I have a lot of confidence, but that is also given to me by my teammates. They need me; I can feel that. But I also need them to show this. Whether I do something different? No, it's a feeling."

With his outstanding left leg, Faberski drove many left-backs crazy over the last few weeks. His acceleration in the first few metres, followed by a short dribble, causes continuous danger. "That is my trademark like everyone else has one. This is how I do it. I love dribbling, and I love the ball at my foot. The one-against-one is my weapon. I want to end up in a position to score and not just give the pass."

Another Ajacied who is over the moon with the dangerous Pole is attacker Don-Angelo Konadu. The striker has been put in the right position by Faberski many times this season. "We have been playing together for a while, and we know exactly of each other what we do. That is very nice. And my actions end up giving him a lot of penalties to take", he says, laughing. However, free kicks are taken by Faberski himself. "I train them a lot, and if there is one on Saturday, it's mine."

Like teammate Gerald Alder recently said, Ajax U18 has grown closer in the second half of the season. "We're a friend team; that is our weapon. I see that everyone plays for each other and not for themselves."

Decisive match
Saturday is the apotheosis for the national championship against their peers from AZ. Earlier this season, Ajax lost two home matches against the team from Alkmaar. "A feeling of revenge? No, that's not the case. We weren't as close back then as we are now. The intensity needs to be high, and we have to demand sharpness. In front of their goal, but also in front of our own. They are ready, and so are we."

Faberski continues talking about the match, allowing them to join the Domestic Champions Path in the UEFA Youth League. "This is what we have worked for the entire year. Every training session, this was our goal. We’re in a good flow, and everyone is ready. We want to win: for ourselves and for the club."

To conclude, Faberski has to laugh when talking about a possible party after the match. "No, I'm not that hyper; I'm pretty calm. But perhaps I'll jump into the pool", he finishes with a smile.

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