Ajax Women travel to Germany with these 23 players


The Ajax Women will travel to Munich with 23 players. On Thursday night, the Dutch champion will meet the German Bayern München in the third playing round of the UEFA Women’s Champions League. The match in Bavaria will start at 18:45.


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Nikita Tromp and Roos van Veen are not included in the list of players travelling to Germany. They will not be there due to medical reasons. If the Ajax Women win in Munich, they will secure the second place in Group C. A place in the top two means a place in the knock-out stage of the tournament.

After two matches, the Ajax Women are in third place. They won the first match against Paris Saint-Germain with an impressive 2-0 score. One week later, AS Roma proved to be too strong for Suzanne Bakker’s team. The Italian club, in first place in the poule, won 3-0.

These are the players travelling to Germany:
Regina van Eijk
Dionne van der Wal
Lois Niënhuis
Soraya Verhoeve
Jonna van de Velde
Romée Leuchter
Sherida Spitse
Nadine Noordam
Ashleigh Weerden
Isabelle Hoekstra
Chasity Grant
Danique Noordman
Bente Jansen
Milicia Keijzer
Tiny Hoekstra
Lily Yohannes
Rosa van Gool
Quinty Sabajo
Lotte Keukelaar
Daliyah de Klonia
Kay-Lee de Sanders
Isa Kardinaal
Danique Tolhoek

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Highlights AS Roma – Ajax Women

The Ajax Women failed to build on their home victory against Paris Saint-Germain. They suffered a defeat in the second group stage match of the UEFA Women's Champions League against AS Roma in Italy. The home team emerged victorious with a score of 3-0.


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