Ajax takes a stand against social hate

Every month, players of Ajax Men’s and Women’s teams receive over 1,500 hate messages on social media. But sadly it’s not just our players. These types of messages are part of a growing trend that impact millions of people online. In an effort to silence social hate, Ajax will wear a jersey with three white dots instead of names during their matches this weekend. The dots represent the universal sign for silence, as well as the menu icon you select to report hate messages and associated accounts.


  • #SilenceSocialHate


Research shows that 82% of Dutch people take offence in seeing social hate messages or comments. However, only 25% take actions to try and stop it, adding to an environment in which hate is normalised. With #SilenceSocialHate, Ajax aims to spark a conversation about the impact of social hate and how we can silence it together.

Brian Brobbey: 'Social hate will continue for as long as we allow it to. Don’t ignore it, report it.'

What is social hate?

Social hate consists of threats, discrimination, intimidation and other forms of aggression on social media. Things which you as a user experience as offensive or transgressive. It can take the shape of messages addressed to you personally, but also through comments directed at people you follow on social media.

Why report?

Social hate will continue for as long as we allow it to. The more we as a community report it, the more we urge social platforms to take action. By collectively setting our boundaries, social media will become a more positive place for ourselves and for the future.

Reporting social hate is simple and anonymous. Select the menu icon (...) and click ‘report’. The message and account will now be up for review by the social platforms, as stated in their report policies: Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube & TikTok.

Online Masters Program

Mainsponsor Ziggo embraces Ajax's campaign against 'Social Hate', highlighting the issues around hate messages on social media. Ziggo gladly contributes to the campaign's visibility by displaying the messages on the façade of the Ziggo Dome and by making the virtual carpet available during the match. At Ziggo, promoting a safe online environment is of the utmost importance. This can be seen in the Ziggo Online Masters program, where dealing with antisocial online behaviour forms part of the course. This program provides students with essential skills in how to be safe, skilled and aware online.

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