Verify your account

Want to have acces to all ticket sales? Verify your account via Mijn Ajax or the official Ajax app and get access. You can verify your account easily via iDIN in case you have a Dutch bank account. When you don't have a Dutch bank account, you can verify your account via Mitek by scanning your ID. 

Verification needed for mobile tickets
To be able to use your match tickets it is also needed to have a verified account. If you see a lock on your QR-code, it is not verified yet.

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Your data is safe. Your privacy is really important for us and we always proces it with care. Please see our privacy statement

Verify through iDIN

Via Mijn Ajax you can identify with iDIN. Follow these steps:

  • Go to with your smartphone and log in
  • Go to your profile and click ‘verify your account’
  • Choose iDIN and follow the steps
  • Click ‘identify’ and send your information to Ajax
  • Your bank shows the information that will be sent to Ajax, your bank account number will not be visible.

Verify through Mitek

Your bank does not work with iDIN or you don’t own a bank account? Follow the steps of 'Mitek' (only available via the Ajax App):

  • Open the Ajax App on your smartphone and log in
  • Go to your account in the top right corner and click ‘identify yourself’
  • Choose the document type, use Mitek and follow the steps
  • When you have successfully identified yourself, it will be shown in Mijn Ajax.
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