Report | Ajax players overturn deficit against Unterhaching

Verslag 1920
Verslag 1920

Ajax won the practice match against Unterhaching 5-3 on Tuesday. After a 0-2 deficit, Brian Brobbey, Kristian Hlynsson, Mika Godts, Benjamin Tahirović and Steven Bergwijn turned the game around.


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At the adidas World of Sports campus, the Germans had a great start to the game. After two minutes of play, Unterhaching took the lead thanks to a power shot by Simon Skarlatidis into the far corner: 0-1. Gabriel Misehouy was close to equalising moments later, but he failed to capitalise on a clever pass from Brobbey.

Final pass missing
With the industrious Francisco Conceição, Ajax popped up dangerously in front of the German goal several times, but lacked the final pass. On the counter-attack, Unterhaching tried to come out and threaten a few times, but it did not cause Jay Gorter any major problems.

A second German goal still found its mark after a Markus Schwabl effort was deflected and ploughed behind Gorter. The Ajax reply did come this time: first Misehouy hit the crossbar and in the attack that followed, the referee pointed towards the spot after the ball landed on the hand of a German defender. Brobbey collected the penalty: 1-2.

The Amsterdam team started the second half with 11 different names. Through Bergwijn and Branco van den Boomen, Ajax immediately came close to a goal, but the goalkeeper got in the way both times. The same Van den Boomen put Hlynsson in a perfect position to score not much later. The Icelander did not fail and brought Ajax level: 2-2.

Branco important once more
Ajax's third goal originated with the midfielder again, who transferred from Toulouse FC this summer. A delightful opening from Van den Boomen ended up with Godts. The Belgian quickly passed his opponent and found the long corner: advantage Ajax. Just over five minutes later, it was Tahirović who scored his first Ajax goal. The midfielder was not tackled and shot from the edge of the box. Ajax continued and made it five with Bergwijn, after Godts released the ball well for the Amsterdam left-winger: 5-2.

The final goal came from the Germans. Once again, a shot that changed direction ploughed into the Amsterdam goal. It stopped there, giving Ajax a 5-3 win over Unterhaching.

Ajax – Unterhaching 5-3 (1-2)
2. Skarlatidis 0-1
37. Schwabl 0-2
39. Brobbey 1-2
55. Hlynsson 2-2
64. Godts 3-2
71. Tahirović 4-2
73. Bergwijn 5-2
85. Gottmeier 5-3

Ajax first half: Gorter; Jermoumi, Gooijer, Milovanović, Wijndal; Klaassen, Taylor, Misehouy; Conceição, Brobbey, Daramy

Ajax second half: Rulli; Rensch, Aertssen, Hato, Salah-Eddine; Van den Boomen, Tahirović, Hlynsson; Godts, Rasmussen, Bergwijn.

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