Relive the successful years of the seventies in 'The Golden Trilogy'

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It's the ideal activity right before, during or after the holidays: a visit to our short-term stadium tour, 'The Golden Trilogy'. This past May, it was fifty years since Ajax won the third consecutive Europa Cup I. That is why we, from December 19th until January 7th, would like to pay special attention to this unique period in the club's history. And you can be there!


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Becoming the best of Europe three times in a row: it's an almost unbeatable performance. In the long history of football, only Real Madrid, Bayern München and Ajax succeeded in doing so.

Relive the successful years
Ajax did it at the start of the seventies, and now, half a century later, we would like to highlight it again. We are proud of and happy with 'The Golden Trilogy' stadium tour where, in the Wenenzaal, you can relive the successful years with stunning pictures and a film you can watch in our movie theatre. Above all, you can take a picture with the Europa Cup I.

Besides that, more special items from the historical archive will be displayed. Think of the official match shirts, but also the original tickets and program leaflet from the match against Juventus in 1973, where Johnny Rep crowned himself matchwinner early on in the match: 1-0.

Many museum-worthy items
The official medals from the Europa Cup victory in 1971 and the Dutch sports team of the year will also be displayed. They are the results of a beautiful piece of sports history that you would usually not come across but can now view with your own eyes.

Please note: 'The Golden Trilogy' will last two and a half weeks, so make sure you’re not too late. You can visit the exposition during a Classic, Guided or VIP stadium tour.

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