Pier Eringa steps down


Pier Eringa has decided to step down as member and chairperson of the Supervisory Board of AFC Ajax NV. Eringa (June 19, 1961) will transfer his duties in the following days and will formally step down on October 2, 2023. He was appointed on March 14, 2023.


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Eringa: "Especially when things are not going well, I think one should be there as a supervisor. But I am not deaf to criticism, and I am not blind to the situation Ajax is in right now. Due to that reason, I have decided to make room for a new chairperson. I have fought hard for the club. I will continue to follow Ajax as a fan and wish Ajax’s sporting successes will soon reach the desired level again."

The process to create a complete Supervisory Board is being started according to the articles of association.