Painful loss for Ajax Women in Italy


The Ajax Women have suffered a painful loss in their second match in the UEFA Women’s Champions League. Against AS Roma, the team lost 3-0 in the Italian capital. Bayern München won against Paris Saint-Germain, which means the Amsterdam-based women are in third place in the group.


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Things went wrong in the opening phase. Regina van Eijk could not get rid of a corner taken by the Italian women. She punched the ball out of the goal, but the ball landed in front of Valentina Giacinti. She shot the ball into the goal: 1-0.

Within a short period, things took a turn for the worse for Suzanne Bakker’s team. Isa Kardinaal played the ball back to Van Eijk. She misjudged the ball, after which Giacinti could score in front of an open goal.

After the two quick goals, the Ajax Women started to play a better match. Unfortunately, that was too little, too late. Via Leuchter (header) and Spitse (from a corner), the Ajax Women were fighting towards the Roman goal. They were unable to score a goal before half-time.

The second half had a poor start for the Ajax Women. Kardinaal gave the ball away on the edge of her penalty area, after which AS Roma was able to act quickly. Via the right wing, Manuela Guiliano was reached in front of the goal. She shot the ball in the net: 3-0.

The Ajax Women became dangerous one last time via Lotte Keukelaar, who came on as a substitute. The 18-year-old Ajacied received the ball on the edge of the penalty area, took two steps and shot the ball against the crossbar.

Unfortunately, the Ajax Women were not able to create any more chances. Despite the Ajacieden trying to find AS Roma’s goal multiple times, they had little success. That makes the loss in Rome an unfortunate but deserved one.

The Champions League adventure will continue on December 14 against Bayern München in Germany. The return in the Johan Cruijff ArenA will follow six days later.

AS Roma - Ajax Vrouwen 3-0 (2-0)
05. Giacinti 1-0
14. Giacinti 2-0
47. Giugliano 3-0

Ajax Vrouwen: Van Eijk; Keijzer (84. De Klonia), Spitse, Kardinaal, Weerden; Van Gool (63. Sabajo), Noordam, Noordman; Grant (64. Jansen), Leuchter (84. Tolhoek), T. Hoekstra (36. Keukelaar)