Future Cup | All captain's talk about the tournament

AJAX Futurecup Aanvoerders Scherm 1920X1080
AJAX Futurecup Aanvoerders Scherm 1920X1080

In anticipation of the twelfth edition of the Future Cup, we brought together all captains of the eight attending teams. We briefly spoke with them about their expectations of Amsterdam's prestigious youth football tournament.


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Ajax: Mylo van der Lans (16 years old)
"I want to showcase Ajax's style of play: beautiful football, with possession, attractiveness, and lots of goals. We need to play with courage and bravery. I look forward, together with my teammates."

Van der Lans loves everything about the tournament so far. "The atmosphere, the people, and the audience. It's beautiful, and you can sense a certain mood within the team. Everyone is focused, nice to see. I won't settle for anything less than first place."

Manchester City: Divine Mukasa (16 years old)
Manchester City's captain has kind words about the Future Cup. "It's a good tournament, and I'm looking forward to it." He has been to Amsterdam before. "I once played in a futsal tournament here with my old club West Ham. I love the football culture at Ajax."

"We want to show that we're a good team, capable of beating other strong teams, and showcase our style of play. I want to have fun this weekend and see how we play against other playing styles and clubs that are here."

CF Pachuca: Edwin Soto (17 years old)
The Mexicans arrived on Thursday and toured the city. "Amsterdam is super beautiful. We took some cool photos." Soto smiles when asked about the tournament. "I'm very grateful to be able to play here, to be here, and to measure myself against such good teams."

The Mexican is looking forward to the start on Saturday. "The teams are strong, the matches intense, and the atmosphere is fantastic. We want to present ourselves as good as possible and ultimately take home the trophy. That would be good for the club and for Mexican football. It's my first time, and I want to soak up the ambiance. I can't wait."

FK Partizan: Matija Zupanjac (17 years old)
Representing FK Partizan during the Easter weekend, the Serbian defender wears the captain's armband. The Serbians have never been active in the tournament before. "There are strong teams, and I'm happy to be here."

Zupanjac has only just arrived in Amsterdam, but despite his short time, he is satisfied. "It's my first time here, and I love being here. It's beautiful. We want to play as a team and show good football. I look forward to the matchups with all the teams, but especially the game against Ajax." Ajax and Partizan will play each other on Saturday at 3:30 PM.

FC Nordsjælland: Malte Heyde (17 years old)
The midfielder sees the Future Cup as a great opportunity to showcase himself. "It's a good chance to show ourselves as a club and as individuals. We need to show how good we are and play to our style." The Danes won last year's edition as debutants. "I've watched a few games from last year."

Heyde wasn't there then, but has played against the Amsterdam team before. "I once played a friendly match here. Ajax is a big club with a lot of legends."

Anderlecht: Amar Milisic (17 years old)
The Belgian defender speaks to us with a big smile. "It's a beautiful tournament, many big clubs, and a big stage to showcase ourselves. We want to win the tournament, and expectations are high. Many people will come to watch, and we want to show what Anderlecht stands for as a team."

"Beautiful football resulting in beautiful victories," continues the Belgian about his goals during the weekend. "The final day seems very nice because of all the attention. That's new for me, but I thinks it's beautiful." Milisic spoke with Anderlecht boys who participated in the Future Cup before. "I heard it's a fantastic tournament with lots of spectators on the sidelines. I'm looking forward to it."

Paris Saint-Germain: Oumar Camara (16 years old)
The winger from France is clear about Paris Saint-Germain's goal. "We're here to play as a team and win the tournament. We want to show what our club stands for and prove that we're a strong force in European football."

The Frenchman concludes with some beautiful words. "Good, attractive, and technical play is our goal. We'll show that, but with respect on and off the field."

Sporting Portugal: João Rodrigues (16 years old)
"It's a fantastic tournament to prove ourselves," begins the Portuguese. "We're going to play against one of the biggest teams in the world, and we have high expectations. I'm really looking forward to playing here."

Like everyone else, Rodrigues wants to win. "But it's also important to showcase our talent and the entire academy. I want to play with confidence and without pressure. Playing against different players and nationalities is something I'm really looking forward to."

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