Bergwijn: 'The coach insists that there is fun and enjoyment'

Bergwijn1920 (3)
Bergwijn1920 (3)

Ajax have won two games in a row under head coach John van 't Schip. According to captain Steven Bergwijn, the wins over FC Volendam and sc Heerenveen were essential for the team spirit. "I think confidence is slowly returning for everyone."


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"Where we are now is obviously not where Ajax should be and I don't think anyone expected this either. So, it's been a difficult season so far", Bergwijn reflects on the first few months. "It's very frustrating, because I know what we are capable of. I think we have a good selection, but it's a pity it doesn't always show in the matches."

'Always satisfying'
Ajax won two league matches at their home Johan Cruyff ArenA last week. It was what the captain and his teammates needed. "Winning is always satisfying and of course makes you feel good. Wins give the team a boost and extra self-confidence," Bergwijn said.

According to Bergwijn, new coach Van 't Schip has brought a breath of fresh air into the team. "He makes everyone feel important. Not just the first eleven, but the whole squad," says the captain, who in his role wants to mean something to the team. "The coach told me to just let my feet do the talking. He knows I'm not a talker."

Ajax face another showdown against Brighton & Hove Albion on Thursday. Bergwijn knows how important it is to end the European home game with three points. "This match has to be won. Especially at home with the fans behind it. In England, we played compactly but barely created any chances. On Thursday, we need better control of the ball in order to score goals. We just need to believe in our own abilities."