Ajax's reaction to Super League and new Champions League format


On Monday afternoon, UEFA announced that the UEFA Champions League will be played in a different format in the future. Ajax also learned that a number of clubs are setting up a Super League. Edwin van der Sar responds to these developments.


"Ajax is completely taken aback and disappointed by the announcement of a possible Super League. We support the new set-up proposed by UEFA, as confirmed on Monday.

Through my work for the ECA, I have been involved for a number of years in discussions about a new format for the UEFA club competitions. In the past, Ajax has worked together with the ECV and the KNVB to make a number of changes happen, for example to make participation in the UEFA Champions League more accessible for clubs.

We thought we had found the solution with the so-called Swiss model, with more international fixtures for more clubs. We are very disappointed in the sudden and late turnaround that fellow directors of some top international clubs have made this weekend, with the result that a very uncertain period threatens the horizon of European football."