Ajax wish Ted Lasso good luck with witty letter for match against AFC Richmond

Ted Lasso 1 1280
Ted Lasso 1 1280

In the latest episode of the popular series Ted Lasso, AFC Richmond will take on Ajax in a friendly. The Dutch football club is the first non-Premier League club ever in Ted Lasso. So to wish their opponents good luck, the Amsterdam club has put a tongue-in-cheek message to coach Ted Lasso up on the wall of the iconic pub from the series: The Crown & Anchor, situated in the London suburb of Richmond. The new episode is available exclusively on Apple TV from Tuesday.


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Season three of the Emmy Award-winning show sees Ted Lasso's fictional club AFC Richmond play a friendly against Ajax in Amsterdam. Although at first glance it might seem like a match between David and Goliath, the two clubs in fact have more in common than might appear, according to the wording on the four by four-meter billboard. For example, both club names start with AFC, Richmond and Amsterdam have the same area code (020), and the word 'believe' lies right at the heart of both clubs' philosophy.

Ajax shared the following wording with Ted Lasso and the fans in Richmond on the billboard (including in-jokes about the language and content of the series):

Coach Ted,

Greetings from tonight's opponent, AFC Ajax. We know it's just a friendly, but here's a friendly heads-up that we take things might seriously. We know what y'all Richmond folk must be thinking: "Ajax? They think they invented football with their academy and their silverware."

Fair point. But did you know our clubs are actually pretty dang similar? We both use AFC in our names (which is pretty cool if you ask us, it’s like we're part of a secret club or something). Then there's the fact that we both use '020' as our dialing codes… Callincidence? Don't think so! Oh yeah, one more: you believe in believing, and we believe that our belief made us believe too, unbelievable, right?!

Anyways, here's to a fair fight tonight.

Oh… And bring you A-Game.
AFC Ajax

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