Ajax removes Alfred Schreuder from active duty

Schreuder 1280
Schreuder 1280

Ajax has removed Alfred Schreuder from active duty with immediate effect. The managers contract ran till June 30, 2024, but has been terminated. The disappointing results and lack of development within the team are the main reason for this decision. The management of the club is not longer confident about their agreement. Assistant coach Matthias Kaltenbach’s contract will also be terminated with immediate effect.


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Edwin van der Sar: "This is a painful decision, but it’s necessary. Regardless of the good start to the season, we lost a lot of unnecessary points. The football itself was precarious too. Due to the World Cup, we had an early and long break during the winter. We gave Alfred our time and trust to change the way things were going. It became clear to us that he could not change the tide. Regardless of the many transfers that took place, we consider the squad fit for a championship. We lost a lot of points over the last few weeks and sadly saw a lack of progression."

Alfred Schreuder (Barneveld, November 2, 1972) joined Ajax this summer, leaving Club Brugge. Previously, he was an assistant coach for Ajax from January 2018 to 2019.