Van der Sar on corona virus measures: ‘All need to do our part’



Van der Sar was not surprised about the measures.  “We received an update from the KNVB yesterday, and it seemed at the time that everything would proceed as usual”, says the general manager.  “But after Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s announcement, everything became clear.”

'We’re going to restrict our activities.'

He agrees with the measures put in place. “I think that we all need to do what it takes to limit this as much as possible. The information comes from the medical community, so we all need to do our part to follow the directives given.”

Restrict activities
But what exactly does that mean for Ajax? “We’re going to restrict our activities”, explains Van der Sar.  “Both at the office and on the field. The club’s 120th anniversary is soon, and we had planned an event for that. This has been cancelled. We’re also looking at our business activities, tournaments and travelling staff. We need to find a good solution for everyone.”

💬 @vdsar1970 about #Covid_19 after all games were postponed.

'This is the right decision.'

— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) March 12, 2020

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