Ajax beats KAS Eupen thanks to strong first half



Ajax has won its first game of the winter training camp in Qatar.  Belgium’s number 13 team, KAS Eupen, was defeated by 2-0.  Siem de Jong and Lassina Traoré scored for Erik ten Hag’s team.

At halftime, the teams retreated to the locker rooms with a 2-0 score on the board.  This was a meager reflection of the actual game, as Ajax was totally in control in the Al JJanoub Stadium.  Ten Hag wanted to see the talents work against KAS Eupen.  So Juan Castillo and Naci Ünüvar started on the squad.  They made their unofficial debut.

The latter had the first big opportunity of the game.  after 5 minutes of play, Ünüvar made a combination with Siem de Jong, who had freed up the teenager in front of the goal.  The 16 year-old talent’s shot went wide.  A bit later, the Belgians escaped unscathed when Lassina Traoré hit the post.  Ajax created a series of opportunities, and took the lead after 20 minutes of play.

2 assists Eiting
Carel Eiting kapte een tegenstander uit, gaf de bal met buitenkant voet op maat voor,

Carel Eiting eliminated an opponent, sent the ball precisely with the outside of his foot, making it easy for captain De Jong to send the ball into the goal (0-1).  Just fifteen minutes later, Traoré scored his goal.  The young player from Burkina Faso faced his opponent and sent a corner kick from Eitinga into the goal with a header.  Before halftime, both Ajax and Eupen had an opportunity, but the game remained at 0-2.

Lesser 2e half
After the break, Ajax came on with one new player.  Goal scorer Traoré remained in the locker room, replaced by Danilo.  Ajax faced a totally different Eupen, with 11 new players at kick-off.  The Belgians were less vulnerable, but were unable to make an impact.

Ajax-KAS Eupen 2-0 (2-0). 20. Siem de Jong 1-0. 33. Lassina Traoré 2-0.

Ajax | Varela; J. Timber (76. Schuurs), Schuurs (61. Pierie), Alvarez, Familia Castillo; Marin, Eiting, De Jong; Lang, Traoré (46. Danilo), Ünüvar (66. Taylor).