Ajax-baby 3rd bib with name

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This bib is perfect for welcoming the littlest fans to the Ajax family! A personalized black bib designed especially for the youngest generation of Ajax fans. This unique bib is not only a practical accessory for young parents, but also a symbol of the love for the club passed down from generation to generation. This bib is inspired by the third jersey of season 2023-2024.

What makes this bib special is the ability to personalize it. Parents can have their child's name printed giving it an even more special meaning. This makes the bib not only a practical item, but also an emotional memento of a child's first steps into the world of AFC Ajax.

This personalized bib is exclusively available in the Ajax webshop.


Aan de uiteindes van dit slabbetje zit klittenband. 


Returning personalized products is not possible.

Velcro is attached to the ends of this bib.