Future Cup-alert: Ajax U17 facing deciding match after loss to Sagan Tosu

Future Cup-alert: Ajax U17 facing deciding match after loss to Sagan Tosu

It’s Saturday, April 20th. That means that it’s time for the 10th edition of the ABN AMRO Future Cup.  Today, all 8 teams will play 2 games each.  Follow all of the developments via the Future Cup alert!

18:00 | See you tomorrow!
On day 1, we enjoyed the victory of the Ajax U17 against Juventus U17, beautiful goals and attacks by many teams, but we also enjoyed the fans in Amsterdam…see you tomorrow!

17:40 | Standings in Pool B
Celebration in Anderlecht: the Belgians did well in Pool B.  All teams can look forward to an important day 2 tomorrow.

17:18 | PSG defeats Atlético Madrid 
PSG did what it needed to do in order to keep its chances alive for the semi-finals, which was win.  The French team defeated Atlético Madrid by 0-2.

17:15 | Anderlecht qualifies for the semi-fianls

Anderlecht U17 defeats Boca by 1-2 and celebrates with its fans afterwards.

17:34 | Reaction Dave Vos
Dave Vos, Ajax U17s coach, sees the 3-0 loss as a learning experience for his team.

15:59 | Ajax UU17’s assignment is clear
Group A is gearing up for a very exciting conclusion.  All of the teams now have three points.  Ajax U17s have the lowest goal balance, and is thus in last place.  Their assignment for Sunday is clear: they need to win their closing game against Tottenham Hotspur.

15:51 | Second round of play in pool B
The closing act of day 1 in the ABN AMRO Future Cup.  Boca Juniors will try to win its second game against Anderlecht.  Atlético Madrid and PSG will also face each other.

At 16:00
Boca Juniors - Anderlecht
Atletico Madrid - PSG

15:58 | Juventus bings excitement to the poot
Juventus has recovered from its 1-0 loss to Ajax.  It then went on to defeat Tottenham Hotspur, 1-0.  All teams now have three points…

15:49 | Downer for Ajax U17
An anticlimax.  After making a promising start, the first day of the ABN AMRO Future Cup ended on a sour note for the Ajax U17s.  The Ajacieds lost 0-3 to Sagan Tosu.  Ajax U17 wasn’t in the

game at all.  Tomorrow they’ll absolutely need to do better against Tottenham Hotspur.

15:29 | Substitution numberr 5️
One more substitution with Ajax U17, the 5th in total.  Julius Dirksen replaces Devyne Rensch.

15:13 | Avenge yourselves, boys! 👊👊
Can the Ajax U17s pick themselves up in the second half?  The hosts of the ABN AMRO Future Cup owe it to themselves.  Come on, boys!

15:08 | Half-time
Time for a break.  The first half was a disaster.  Ajax U17 is down 0-3, but the Japanese team could have scored even more.

14:54  | Ajax sub-par
The Ajax U17s are not doing well in this game.  The Japanese team just had an incredible opportunity for the 0-3, but keeper Harm Dieker made the save.  The Ajacieds are coming up ont he sides often enough, but are lacking finesse.

14:43 | Ajax U17 down
Sagan Tosu neemt verrassend de leiding. De Japanners slaan in de 6e minuut toe. De VAR

Sagan Tosu takes a surprising lead.  The Japanese team strikes in the 6th minute.  The Video referee is consulted, but the goal is allowed.  Hopefully, AjaxU17 can retaliate quickly.

14:19 | 4️ substitutions with Ajax U17
Dave Vos has made 4 substitutions: Kenneth Taylor (injury), Anass Salah-Eddine, Donny Warmerdam and doelman Calvin Raatsie will not play this time. They are replaced by Ian Beelen, Nuri Emre Aksit, Jaymillio Pinas and Harm Dieker

14:10 | Ajax U17 seeking a semi-final spot
The Group A teams are starting their second group match.  Ajax U17 will see action against Sagan Tosu, Ajax’s partner club.  After that, Juventus will face Tottenham Hotspur.  The English team won its first game, like Ajax, and should they win, they could take a big step towards the semi-finals.

At 14:30
Sagan Tosu - Ajax (main field) 
Juventus - Tottenham Hotspur (field 1)

14:05 | Boca leads in group B
Anderlecht, three time winner of the ABN AMRO Future Cup, starts with a tie.  The Belgians suffered a goal against by Atlético Madrid shortly before time.  The game ended in 1-1.  The other group match was won by Boca Juniors.  The Argentinian team, making its debut in the tournament, defeated PSB by 2-0.

13:36 | Anderlecht and Boca in the lead
It’s halftime in the group B matches.  Here is the score so far

Anderlecht - Atlético Madrid 1-0
Boca Juniors - PSG 1-0

12:55 | Standings after first round of play
Tottenham Hotspur has made a good start, just like Ajax.  The Spurs defeated Sagan Tosu by 3-0 and have the best goal balance and the lead in group A.

Two more rounds of play follow at 14:30.  Ajax will meet the Japanese team Sagan Tosu.  Juventus will try to avenge itself against Tottenham Hotspur.

12:45 | Debut by Boca Juniors, and Atletico coming
At13:00, group B starts with these two games ⤵️

Anderlecht - Atletico Madrid (main field

Boca Juniors - PSG (field 1)

12:40 | Good start for Ajax U17 👏👏
The last whistle has blown.  Ajax U17 has defeated Juventus U17 thanks to a goal by Naci Ünüvar.  The score should have been higher considering the opportunities, but still, a good win for the title holder.  Way to go, boys!

12:36 | Ajax presses on
Three big moments for Ajax within 1,5 minutes.  Sontje Hansen puts the Juventus goal under pressure twice, while Solomon Bonnah makes his mark as an upcoming back.  A second Ajax goal doesn’t materialize, and the score remains 1-0.

12:23 | Double substitution for Ajax
Dave Vos makes two substitutions 13 minutes into the secondh half.  Max de Waal and Jaymilio Pinas come in for Donny Warmerdam and Dillon Hoogewerf.  They have fifteen minutes to play.  Two 30-minute halfs are played at the ABN AMRO Future Cup.

12:09 | Halftime,  Ajax U17 in the lead! 

YES! Ajax takes the 1-0 lead right before the break. Naci Ünüvar makes good from the edge of the box with a good low shot.  The lead is well deserved.

11:50 |  Still 0️- 0
We are 20 minutes into the game.  Ajax U17 is pushing but no goals have been scored.  The biggest opportunity was Donny Warmerdam’s: his shot from the edge of the box went just wide.  Sontje Hansen also had a chance, but the striker stumbled on Juventus’  goalie from nearby.

11:33 | Setback for Ajax U17
Captain Kenneth Taylor is forced to leave the field after a few minutes.  A big setback.  Will the midfielder be able to play again?  Taylor’s replacement is Ian Beelen.

11:28 |  'The time has finally come'
jax U17 are about to start their game against Juventus U17.  The Ajacieds are excited.

10:52 | Line-up Ajax U17
Ajax U17 opens the tournament against Juventus U17. This is a re-match of last yea’s final, when the Ajacieds won by 2-0 thanks to goals by Naci Ünüvar. The star is again in the starting line-up this time.

Line up Ajax U17: Raatsie, Bonnah, Kasanwirjo, Rensch, Salah-Eddine, Warmerdam, Hoogerwerf, Taylor, Hansen, Ünüvar, Regeer

10:30| start
An exciting 3 days of hopefully great football lies ahead.