Ajax take next step in international expansion with New York office

Ajax take next step in international expansion with New York office

Ajax have opened their first office in the United States as of today. Besides the Amsterdam office, the office in New York City will serve as the point from where Ajax will lead their activities in North America. The expansion is a logical and necessary next step following the club’s increasing activities in that area of the world.

New York
New York City is the largest city in the United States and inextricably linked to Amsterdam due to its historical connection. For these reasons, New York was chosen as the location for the new office. The popularity of soccer in the United States (US) is increasing and the appeal of Ajax is also on the rise. With a US office, the club expects to reach even more fans and positively influence the future of soccer. In part by inspiring American youth to develop their full potential. The other goal is to connect companies and clubs in the US to the Ajax brand.

The expansion is a perfect fit for the club’s plans for international expansion. Ajax already entered into partnerships with clubs in China, Japan and Australia this year and has now taken a next step with the
opening of this office.

Menno Geelen, CCO AFC Ajax: "This is a hugely interesting step for Ajax. The brand value of our club is growing considerably and we see the US as an important link in the continuation of commercial
growth, as well as the growth and development of soccer in general. In addition, with this expansion, we have the opportunity to serve our fans even better in the enormous market that America has to offer. Moreover, this makes it easier to facilitate in brand partnerships."

Ronald de Boer at the Ajax office in Manhattan.
Ronald de Boer at the Ajax office in Manhattan.

Florida Cup
In January, the Ajax selection will travel to the US to take part in the jubilee edition of the Florida Cup. During this international soccer event, Ajax will face Brazilian top clubs Sao Paulo FC and Flamengo. These matches will be broadcasted live in more than 120 countries, reaching millions of
viewers mainly in America and Latin America.

Edwin van der Sar, CEO AFC Ajax: "The growing popularity of soccer in the US was the main reason for us to investigate this market more closely. This fits our strategy to look more and more outside our
own borders. Ajax is a well-known name in the US soccer scene and the name of the club gets more and more name recognition. That fact prompted our desire for a structural presence in that market. We consciously opted for the US as the location to prepare for the second half of our season. The Florida Cup offers us a nice platform in this growing market and the opening of the office is an important condition for this. With games against Sao Paulo FC and Flamengo, we will reach millions of fans and by realizing a structural presence in the area, we can continue to reach them and hopefully support some future soccer stars in their development."