Bosz: ‘Nobody can afford this kind of attitude'

Bosz: ‘Nobody can afford this kind of attitude'

A disappointed Peter Bosz spoke to the press after the Ajax – Willem II match.  ¨We did very poorly and we can only blame ourselves for this defeat¨, was the Ajax coach´s judgment.  ¨After the first goal (1-0 Klaassen) we thought that it was a done deal.  Then we rightfully went down by 1-2.¨

It was especially his team´s attitude that upset Bosz.  ¨After a 1-0 lead, the ball tempo, among other things, was much too low.  That´s why Willem II, logically, scored the 1-1 goal, and the 1-2 as well.  You could see the tempo drop in the first half.  That can´t happen.  Nobody in football can afford this kind of performance.¨

About his choice for Andre Onana to replace Cillessen, Bosz said the following: ¨The choice for Onana is one for the future.  This match against Willem II was the moment to give him that chance.  Even if he´s just 20 years old. I don´t think it was his fault that the two goals were scored.¨  On Sunday, Bosz will discuss whether or not Cillessen will travel for the return match against Rostov.

Bosz was also asked about his substitutions.  But even with fresh reinforcements, Ajax didn´t manage to force a tying goal.  ¨Willem II put on a lot of pressure early on with Erik Falkenburg, and that ensured that Riechedly Bazoer was freed up often at midfield.  I brought Sinkgraven in for the second half to spark more creativity.  But it´s often difficult to turn the tide during a match.  We tried, but it didn´t work.  I can´t imagine that watching Ajax today wouldn´t make anyone happy.¨