Christian Rasmussen

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Christian Rasmussen

Players statistics

Goal attempts conversion

19% Goal attempts conversion

Defensive head-to-heads won

71% Defensive head-to-heads won

Offensive head-to-heads won

40% Offensive head-to-heads won

Arrived passings

77% Arrived passings

Player statistics

About Christian

Position Midfielder
Nationality Danish
Born 1/19/2003
Length 184 cm
Played games 16
In starting lineup 16
Brought on 0
Taken off 1
Under contract since 7/1/2019

News items

Rasmussen Portret Still 1280

This is the 'Amsterdam life' of Rasmussen: 'I'm learning a lot from my sister'

"Ajax, Schiphol and the city are all nearby." Christian Rasmussen feels at home in Amsterdam. The attacker of Ajax U23 came from FC Nordsjaelland to Ajax at the age of sixteen. Three years later, he lives on his own, plays his weekly matches with Ajax U23 and regularly trains with Ajax 1. We talk to him about his childhood and the relationship with his parents and sister.


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