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Position Midfielder
Nationality Netherlands
Born 3/30/2002
Length cm
Played games 0
In starting lineup 0
Brought on 0
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Heitinga Still Goed 1280

Heitinga is Ajax's head coach: 'It's something I am proud of'

John Heitinga will remain head coach for the rest of the season. The Ajacied is clear about what he expects the next couple of months and is excited to start. "I think I have the Ajax DNA, which I hopefully can translate to the group."


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Heitinga Coach 1280

Heitinga head coach of Ajax for rest of season

Ajax and John Heitinga have agreed on the 39-year-old ex-football player remaining head coach of Ajax 1 for the rest of the season. Dwight Lodeweges has been appointed as assistant coach in Heitinga's technical staff, with immediate effect.


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Still Timber

Timber about 100 appearances for Ajax 1: 'It's definitely something to be proud of'

Jurriën Timber made his one hundredth appearance for Ajax 1 against Excelsior (1-4) on Sunday. That propelled him into the Club of 100. So it's high time to put his photo up and have a chat with the defender about this milestone. "I do think it's a lot actually, one hundred games, especially for someone so young. When you gaze at that wall, it's great being up there with the others."


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