Youri Baas

Youri Baas speelt sinds 2018 in de jeugdopleiding van Ajax. De linksback kwam toen over van Excelsior. Hij is in de winterstop van 2022/2023 overgeheveld naar Ajax 1.

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Youri Baas

Players statistics

Goal attempts conversion

0% Goal attempts conversion

Defensive head-to-heads won

67% Defensive head-to-heads won

Offensive head-to-heads won

0% Offensive head-to-heads won

Arrived passings

83% Arrived passings

Player statistics

About Youri

Position Defender
Nationality Netherlands
Born 3/17/2003
Length 182 cm
Played games 6
In starting lineup 0
Brought on 6
Taken off 0
Under contract since

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In 20 second countdown, two Ajax players compete against each other.The rules are simple. Each player has 20 seconds on the clock. If you have given an answer, the time of the opposite player is ticking. In episode seven we see Youri Regeer and Youri Baas in a special edition on Curaçao!


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