Zlatan: 'Being suspended is boring'

More questions came in for Zlatan than for any other player in this supporters' interview. It was not easy making a selection from all those entries. But we did and Zlatan answered frankly, between training and being treated for a groin injury.

Dear Zlatan. I live in Rome and since I am an Ajax fan, I went to Roma - Ajax. They really like your football talents in Rome and they would love to have you. Did you know that then and did it have an influence on your game during the match? And do you want to stay at Ajax.? Rome is a beautiful city, but Ajax is the best club!!
Pieter de Stigter (Rome)

,,Roma's interest in me was never a factor during the match. I was only thinking about Ajax and the match that we had to win. I am happy here and that's why I want to stay at Ajax."

Of which club were you a fan when you were young?

,,When I was little I really liked Inter. Now it's different, there are many good clubs."

Hi zlatan, which player was (is) your favorite????
Remco Boerrigter (Amsterdam)

,,Maradona and Ronaldo, they are the most complete football players."

What do the Swedish flags that always hang in the stadium do for you? Is that extra motivation?
Desmond (Capelle aan den IJssel)

,,It makes me feel good seing those flags. I feel the support of the Swedish supporters here, and that's nice."

Are the defenders in the Dutch league better than in the Swedish one and how about those in the Champions League?
Joost Maas

,,Cetrainly. The Dutch defenders are much better. That is because the level of competition is much higher in Holland, the players here are much better. In the Champions League there is even more difference, the players there are even better."

Hey Zlatan,
Everyone says that your game has changed after you had a talk with Larsson. What did you talk about, what did he say?

Bas van Diggele (Alphen)

,,I dont think I have gotten better just by talking to Larsson. We talked about many things, not only about football. We hung out during the World Cup. People here miss the point. We are good friends and therefore we talk about a lot of things. At the start of the season everything felt right, I trained well and had the coach's confidence. That was important."

Hi Zlatan,
What is the most important thing you've learnt this season?


,,I have learnt many things, not one thing in particular. Over the whole year I've kept learning, especially how to read a match."

This Season was a wonderful one with Ajax, and much more for a foreigner suporter as I am. How do you see this comeback of Ajax on the international scene? And what are your predictions for next year?
Jonathan (Paris)

,,It was a good season. Ajax's name has grown in Europe and people respect Ajax and the players more now. It was good for us, we have shown that we belong with the best in Europe. Next season we will play Champions League again, and we will do the same thing as this season: play it one game at a time and take it as it comes."

Who are your best friends at Ajax?
Thomas Klos (Schagen)

,,I don't have one special friend here, all the players are my friends."

What does your dream woman look like?
Arnold Kuperus

,,I haven't met her yet, so I cannot tell you. But Isabella Scouropo looks like it. She is a Polish model, but her origins are Swedish. If you see her, you'll understand."

Dear Zlatan, if you could do one thing in your life over again, what would it be??
Isaah, (Arnhem)

,,I don't know, I haven't reached that point yet. At this moment I enjoy life, I feel good, my family too, so I couldn't tell you what I would want to do over again. Maybe when I'm older. So far I think I have made the right decisions."

What did you think of Van Basten's criticism of you?
Diana Sint (Amsterdam)

,,I think Van Basten is right. He does not criticise me, he gives me ideas. He knows what my qualities are and he thinks that I have to score 25 goals each season. I agree. He also says that I should stay here for a few more years. I do not see it as criticism, but as advice. I talk to him every time he is at Ajax. You have to understand hów he says it."

What do you see as the most important lessons Marco van Basten has taught you, for now and the next season?
Rob Hoogland (Noordwijk)

,,He says that goals are very important for a striker. He says that I have to move more on the pitch and that I have to do the things I'm good at. Those are the most important things he has taught me."

Dear Zlatan,
What do you think of your suspension? And how difficult is it for you to watch from the sidelines in this crucial phase of the season?

Martin van der Eijk (Putten)

,,It's boring! I hate it that I cannot play. But I have to accept it and be professional about it. Now my groin is bothering me too, but I keep training hard. When I watch the matches, I really want to play, but everone who is suspended, says that."

Doesn't it drive you crazy that everybody says that you should score more?

,,I'll learn. They keep reminding me, so I won't forget easily!"

You are a good striker, but you hit your opponents with your elbows too often, which gets you suspended. Is that part of your game or because of your height?
Thomas Kemper (Zoetermeer)

,,It looks bad because I am tall. But I don't do it on purpose, because I go out there to pay football, not to do stupid things."

Were you always tall or did you start growing fast from a certain age?
Rahied Abdoelrahman (Rotterdam)

,,I suddenly started growing when I was about 16 or 17 years old. Before that I was pretty small. But I am built quite firm, so I was not gangly."

What is the difference between an Ajax striker and other strikers?
Rob Penne (Dordrecht)

,,Not every striker can play for Ajax. Ajax play a system in which not every footballer can play, now matter how good he is. An Ajax striker should really have all the skills of a football player. When you look at history, all Ajax strikers have become great players."

For which club would you really like to play in your career?
Natascha Dekker (Alkmaar)

,,I am very happy at Ajax. I used to dream about playing here. Now I am here, I do look forward. But right now I am happy here, I am enjoying myself. So I am not thinking about other clubs now."

Will you ever be the best footballer in the world?
Maarten de Boer (Urk)

,,Hah, I hope so. I play to see how far I can get. We'll see, I'll have to work hard on it."

Hej Zlatan!
Det är väl klart att du stannar kvar i Ajax eller? Det blir säkert CL nästa år och vad ska man göra i Roma? Sitta på bänken? Ingen europeisk spel heller. Näh, Ajax är best och dubehöver Ajax.
Med vänlig hälsning,

Marco (Linköping)

,,Jag stannar i Ajax aven nästa säsong." (that means: he's staying at Ajax next season)