‘Youth training is lifeblood’

‘Youth training is lifeblood’

In the Ali Sami Yen stadium, Galatasaray’s old stadium, Frank de Boer answers questions from the Dutch and Turkish press a few hours before the game. Four camera crews, photographers and journalists register the coach’s every word.

Ajax’s youth training program is one of the most famous football programs in the world. In Turkey, Frank de Boer receives several questions about the Ajax youth training program. “Youth training is the club’s lifeblood”, says de Boer. “Ajax’s goal is for the young players to flow through via the Ajax philosophy. With the right attributes and the support of AEGON, who spend a lot of time and energy on youth training, it’s always in development.”

De Boer himself spent several years in Ajax’s youth training program. “I came to Ajax in 1984 and played four seasons”, he tells the press. “It’s the foundation of your career. You enter a system and you play according to a specific philosophy, which consists of playing dominant football and continuously taking steps in your own development.”

De Boer also praises Turkey as a football country. “Turkey is a fantastic football country”, says the former Galatasaray player. “Youth training is very important, not only for Galatasaray, but for all Turkish clubs. Through that, Turkey can become a great football country.”