Year full of ups and downs for Aron Winter

Aron Winter returned to Ajax after being hired out to Sparta. He has not played as much as he had hoped, but he still found a number of positive things in the past year.

Where will you be at Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
,,I am having dinner with my closest friends on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day I will be home with my family. Of course we have presents under the tree for the children. I’ll spend Boxing Day with my in-laws and a group of friends. On New Year’s Eve I’ll be with my family. We have everything, food, champagne, fireworks, wine and so on. After midnight I always go to see some friends and acquaintances.’’

What was the most important in 2002?
,,One of the most important events of the past year was the murder of Pim Fortuyn. It has kindled much animosity and discussion. The cabinet has fallen. In football, Ajax’s championship is the most important event. It had been a while.’’

Your expectations for 2003?
,,I expect us to be champions again and I hope that we get far in the Champions League. It has been a year with ups and downs. I have had to deal with a number of disappointments, but thankfully it has been a healthy year otherwise.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,First with my wife and kids, then with my best friends.’’