Yakubu is happy with Ghana

Abubakari Yakubu returned from Ghana early Wednesday morning. He played a qualifying match for the Africa Cup against Uganda with his national team. Although he lost his first international match, Yakubu returned with happy feeling from the experience.

It was the first time that Yakubu had declared himself available for the national team. The Ajax player had previously cancelled due to the poor organisation and the lack of discipline in the squad. Until a week ago. Yakubu changed his mind after a meeting with the football association in his native country. That is why Yakubu will try to reach the finale stage of the Africa Cup with Ghana in the coming months. As he returned well on time for training, he took some time to tell all about it.

,,We have a lot of new players. We were all a bit nervous, but things went quite well. I was surprised to be in the starting line-up. In the first half I played as a central defender, in the second as a right midfielder. It went well. We should have won. In the first half we created many chances, but if you fail to finish them you have a problem. We were to blame for the goal they scored. A defender and the goalkeeper made a mistake. The coach was angry with some of the guys. He spoke with all of us. He was pleased with my performance and he said that he would not call on some of players next time. They don’t fit in.’’

Were the intended improvements noticeable? ,,Yes, things are getting better, there is more discipline. We have to shut off our mobile phones and if dinner is at six thirty, they mean six thirty. That is a good thing and everybody sticks to the rules. Most of my team mates play in Europe, just like I do, so they are used to it. It is too early to tell whether we will get very far with this group. I don’t know everybody that well and some will not return. But next time will be better. We simply have to win the next match, then we are through. Everything will be alright’’, said the Ajax player from Ghana.