World Cup ends for Rommendahl and Eriksen

World Cup ends for Rommendahl and Eriksen

Denmark didn’t succeed in reaching the round of sixteen of the World Cup in South Africa on Thursday night. The Danes, under the lead of former Ajax coach Morten Olsen, were defeated 3-1 by Japan in the last group match. Dennis Rommendahl played the entire match, and fellow Ajax player Christian Eriksen was on field for the last half hour.

The Danish team, with Dennis Rommendahl on the squad, needed to win in order to progress to the next round. After half an hour of play, that assignment had become nearly impossible. Two spot-on free kicks from Japan (Honda and Endo) put an end to the Danes’ hope of staying on in South Africa. From that moment, it became clear that the Netherlands, who had already earned their spot, would be accompanied into the next round by Japan, instead of Denmark.

As a result of Denmark’s loss, Rommendahl won’t be playing his hundredth interland match at the World Cup. The Ajax player’s total after the match against Japan is 99, but this match won’t provide many good memories for him.

Christian Eriksen came in for the last half hour. Ajax’s 18 year old midfielder, who happens to be the youngest player at the World Cup, had a scoring opportunity soon after coming in, but his shot went over the crossbar.
In the closing minutes, Jon Dahl Tomasson reduced Denmark’s deficit to 1-2. After his penalty kick was stopped, the experienced attacker made good on the rebound. The score changed again minutes later, as Japan’s Okazaki’s goal in the 88th minute brought the end result to 1-3.