With the sun comes Wamberto

It almost seemed as if he'd been waiting for it. With the temperature way above cold-weather-clothing degrees, Wamberto came out of the stadium's catacombs. ,,That sun is nice. And the grass, hmm", the Brazilian beamed.

Wamberto broke a bone in his foot in the week leading up to the Cup tie with Roda JC. The winger was expected to miss two and a half months. That prognosis seems accurate.

Ten weeks have passed and Wamberto is back on Ajax's training ground. ,,It's going well. I love this weather and it's great to feel the pitch beneath my feet again", said the Brazilian, who went to work on his 'outdoor program' with physiotherapist Peter Hoogland. ,,I've been looking forward to this."

Wamberto showed how happy he was by posing for a picture with his arms open wide. Now he has to get back to complete health and hopefully we can see him posing for the cameras after a goal.