Watch Feyenoord - Ajax LIVE

Watch Feyenoord - Ajax LIVE

Where are you going to watch the match on Sunday? With the international AJAX LIVE App, you can simply watch the match at home on your tablet or smartphone.

At last! To be launched on 1st of March: the international AJAX LIVE App. Everything about AJAX, everywhere in the world, LIVE on your telephone and tablet. Share the excitement towards the next match, with videos, historic facts and statistics. Enjoy the match LIVE on your tablet from your easy chair. After the match you can also watch all related interviews and the recap of the match.

Simply register in the App. With a LIVE account, you can view all the home and away matches of AJAX in the Eredivisie. The Eredivisie offers you the live images real time at a phenomenal speed, so you get crystal clear and fluid images when viewing.

The App is runs on iPhones and iPAds and on all Android devices. Simple to download via the App store.