Van der Vaart on target for Holland

The Dutch national team have won a friendly match against the Faroe Islands with 3-0 in Lausanne on Tuesday. Rafael van der Vaart, Roy Makaay and Marc Overmars scored for Holland. The goal of the Ajax player was typical for the midfielder. Van der Vaart scored from long range with a hard shot in the low corner.

For Holland this was no more than a glorified training scrimmage. The side had practiced hard on the morning of the match. Yet it was still surprsising that coach Dick Advocaat made so many substitutions at halftime. Michael Reiziger was the only starter to return in the second half and he was replaced some time later by Arjan Robben.

The only Dutch goal in the first half came from Rafael van der Vaart. After the break Roy Makaay and Marc Overmars added to the Dutch production. The goals were nice for the more than 3000 Dutch in attendance in Switzerland, but the coach still has some work to do. Advocaat will realise that it is hard to draw any conclusions after a friendly international match with in total eleven substitutions for his team.

Holland - Faroe Islands 3-0 (1-0). 30. Van der Vaart 1-0, 52.
Makaay 2-0, 59. Overmars 3-0. Referee: Leuba (Swi).
Spectators: 3.200. Yellow card: Arnbjorn Danielsen (Faroe Isl.).

Holland: Van der Sar (46. Waterreus); Reiziger (53. Robben), Stam
(46. Heitinga), Bouma (46. De Boer) and Van Bronckhorst (46.
Zenden); Sneijder (46. Van der Meyde), Cocu (46. Bosvelt), Van der
Vaart (46. Seedorf) and Davids (46. Overmars); Van Nistelrooy (46.
Makaay) and Kluivert (46. Van Hooijdonk).

Faroe Islands: Mikkelsen (46. Knudsen); Arnbjorn Danielsen (53.
Frederiksbergen), Johannesen, Thorsteinsson and Olsen; Borg, Jann
Petersen, Atli Danielsen (65. Nielsen) and Jacobsen (90. Mortensen);
Flotum (53. Elttor) and John Petersen (80. Hansen).