Urby Emanuelson bids Ajax farewell

Urby Emanuelson bids Ajax farewell

Urby Emanuelson gracefully said goodbye to Ajax after the league match Ajax - Excelsior (4-1). The born and bred Amsterdam player, who played 256 official matches for Ajax, was the centre of attention as soon as the final whistle had blown. His farewell ended in a spectacular red and white firework display.

In January Urby Emanuelson exchanged Ajax for the Italian AC Milan. The born Ajax player came up through the Ajax Academy before making his debut on Ajax’ first team in the AJ Auxerre - Ajax match (3-1) on 24 February 2005. In total, Emanuelson played 256 official games for Ajax.

After the final whistle assistant manager Danny Blind spoke beautifully about Emanuelson. ,,You began here at Ajax at the age of seven and you went through the whole Academy. You are an exponent of the Ajax Academy. You are a stylist, you are elegant en you enjoy the game. All this brought you 256 official matches for Ajax.’’

,,You have had a top class week. You scored for your club in the Copa Italia and you have become a father to a son. I hope you will progress to be a European top class football player. On behalf of Ajax, the SVA and the AFCA Supporters Club, I thank you for all the beautiful years you gave us and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the success in the world.’’

After being presented with a large bouquet of red and white flowers, the Ajax statuette and the well known AFCA sweater, it was Emanuelson’s turn to address the fans and to thank them for everything. ,,It feels good to be back. This is my home. I am glad Ajax has won today and taken three points. We could still become champion’’, he concluded with a broad grin on his face.