Unforgettable night for De Lutte

After thirty years the inhabitants of De Lutte got what they had been hoping for for so long: a friendly against Ajax. Ajax won with 10-0, but nobody minded. It was Ronald Koeman's 100th match as Ajax's coach.

This year Ajax hold a training camp in De Lutte for the 30th time. And for all those years the local football team wanted to play the great Ajax. This time, Ajax put it especially in the schedule. Also to thank the local people and the local football club for the good care all those years. More than 4000 fans came out to see the match.

Ajax scored five times in the first half and five in the second. Rafael van der Vaart took care of goals number 1 and 3, with an own goal by the home side in between. Wesley Sonck and Cedric van der Gun, who played on the left wing this time, completed the five.

Yakubu and Anthony Obodai got to play the full match, and Koeman made nine substitutions at halftime. Although the team in the second half showed some more tricks and highlights, they did not score more than the first-half squad. Koeman: ,,They sometimes were looking to much for their own success and it got too crowded in the box. But it's hard in this kind of games. Everbody wants to put on a show and sometimes you get in each other's way. On the other hand, they tried to score as much as possible and regain possession as soon as possible, which is good. I am pleased with the way they played tonight.''

So were the many fans. It had been a special night for De Lutte after waiting so many years.