Two new youth teams for Ajax

Next season the Ajax youth development program will have two more teams than this year. Added will be a third under 12 team and a third under 10 team. The addition will not come at the expense of quality. ,,The Ajax standard still applies", says head of youth department Danny Blind.

Danny Blind: ,,We have been discussing broadening the youth development program for the youngest teams in the last few years. The development program will have a pyramid shape. That way there will be more room for extra players at the bottom.''

Each year a decision will be made whether there will be a third team in the particular age groups. If there is not enough quality, then there will be no third team

Adding a third team brings an another advantage for players who are born in December and who often play against kids who are eleven months older. ,,Now it can happen that they receive insufficient reports mainly because they lack something physically. That is often because they are almost a year younger than the others. They could use that extra year to make it to the next group”, says Blind.

The new teams will have renowned Ajax players as their coaches. Bryan Roy will train the youngest youth (E3) and Sonny Silooy will be the under 12's (D3) coach.