Turkey Diary (4): unlucky Özbiliz

Turkey Diary (4): unlucky Özbiliz

Three teams (yellow, blue and orange) played a scrimmage on Tuesday evening, emphasizing transitions. After a tie – six points for each team- an exciting series of penalties followed. Aras Özbiliz was anything but lucky from the spot.

The players in orange were eliminated early on, creating tension between the yellows and blues. Aras Özbiliz was the unlucky player of the evening during the penalty kicks. His first one could have been decisive, but he couldn’t make good. The blue team forward’s second penalty was disqualified, giving the yellow team the victory. When the time came to clean up the goals, team mates André Ooijer, Gregory van der Wiel, Urby Emanuelson and Siem de Jong call to him: “You’re the one who’s cleaning up!” Özbiliz laughs about it.

The training camp in Turkey is going well thus far. “It’s great to experience this”, he says, after clearing up the goal with the rest of the group. “We have good training facilities, so that’s great. And the group gets closer during a training camp.”

Özbiliz was added to the selection in November, and he made his debut during the away game against VVV-Venlo. “It’s a terrific experience until now. From the time you’re little, you look up to the big guys, and now you can play with them. Özbiliz also wants to make an impact during the season’s second half. “I want to play as many minutes as possible with the first team.”

In any case, he’s well taken care of among the players. “They guys are helping me a lot”, says Özbiliz. He won’t say if he’s been subjected to a rookie’s initiation. And, with a broad smile: “In any case, it’s clear that you’re new. Haha.”