Tribute to Van der Sar in Amsterdam ArenA

Tribute to Van der Sar in Amsterdam ArenA

A farewell tribute to Edwin van der Sar will be held in the Amsterdam ArenA on August 3, 2011. The 40 year old keeper was with Ajax between 1991 and 1999, playing 311 offcial matches for the team. On August 3, the former keeper for Juventus, Fulham FC and Manchester United will be honoured by a select group of former colleagues.

Van der Sar’s last match was the Champions League final last Saturday against FC Barcelona. As of last weekend, Van der Sar, at forty years old, is the oldest player in a Champions League final. The record holding international for the Dutch team saw action in 130 interlands.

Van der Sar enjoyed his first big successes with Ajax. In 1995, Van der Sar and Ajax won the Champions League plus World Cup for clubs. As Manchester United’s keeper, he won the most prestigious European clubs’ cup once again in 2008 plus the World Cup for clubs.

Information about the program and ticket sales for the tribute to Edwin van der Sar will follow. The Ajax Open Day will also take place on August 3. More information about the Ajax Open Day will be available in the next few weeks.