Trabelsi and Yakubu want to party with the team

Tunsian defender Hatem Trabelsi and Ghanese defender Yakubu are going home to Africa in the winter break. When they return, they want to win another championship with Ajax.

Where are you at Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
Yakubu: We are both Muslims and we do not celebrate Christmas. The ramadan ended a little while ago and that is for us a feast that can be compared to Christmas. The Muslim New Year begins in March, than we have a smaller celebration.’’
Trabelsi: ,,In the period that we are off, I will go home to Tunisia. I have a big familiy and I will see them in Sfax, my home town.’’
Yakubu: I have not seen my family for six months, so in the winter break I am going to Ghana.’’

What was the most important in 2002?
Yakubu: ,,Ajax winning the championship.’’
Trabelsi: ,,And doing well in the Champions League.’’

Looking back on 2002…?
Yakubu: ,,We have won a lot and that is a good feeling. Unfortunately we have had quite a few injuries lately, that is a pity.’’
Trabelsi: ,,We have also started the new season in the competition and the Champions League well. For me personally it has been a great time.’’

Expectations for 2003?
Yakubu: ,,When we return from training camp in Portugal we have to start strongly and try to reach the quarter final of the Champions League and win a lot in the Dutch championship. We have a fine team for it. It is nice to be able to participate.’’
Trabelsi: ,,It is important for the players and the club to do well in all competitions. I especially think we have to repeat as Dutch champions.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
Yakubu: ,,We as Muslims do not drink alcohol. But it would be fun to party and joke with our team mates.’’
Trabelsi: ,,Yes, have some fun with the guys.’’