Timmer stays in Hierden

Henk Timmer had a busy year. Last season he won the UEFA Cup with Feyenoord, in the new season he is one of Ajax's goalkeepers. Against Inter in the Champions League he had to replace the injured Stekelenburg, but he is still under contract with AZ.

Where do you celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve?
,,I am keeping it simple. I will celebrate Christmas at home and we go out to dinner with my parents and in-laws. I celebrate New Year's Eve with my best friend and our wives. Afetr midnight we'll go around the neighbourhood with the four of us, to have a beer. Just good old fun. Hierden is still really a village, it's not that hectic. We have a tradition to 'empty the barrel' on the 31st. That is how they call that. You go to your local and have a few beers. There is also live music.”

What was the most important in 2002?
,,We had a baby girl. that was my first, a wonderful experience. Her name is Isa. In football winning the UEFA Cup with Feyenoord and the Champions League matches with Ajax. Two years ago I though that I would play for AZ for five years. But it all changed. Nice to be a part of all that.”

Your expectations for 2003?
,,I just bought a farm in Hierden. I stay with Ajax until June. Then the new season starts and my contract with AZ is for two more years. I would like to go to a club where I can play the entire season and where there are no financial troubles or anything. But you never know what will happen.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,When? New Year's Eve or just in general? In general with Bridget of BNN. She seems fun to talk to and she is good looking girl.”