Third place for Jong Ajax

Third place for Jong Ajax

Jong Ajax has ended the Soccer Sevens tournament in Hong Kong with a satisfactory third place. Jong Ajax defeated the Argentinian Boca Juniors in the last minutes of the quarterfinal match, with Johan Kappelhof’s beautiful goal in extra time. Gery Vink and Yannis Anastasiou’s team were defeated by Celtic (1-0) in the semifinal match.

Coaches Gery Vink and Yannis Anastasiou only had ten players at their disposal due to injury. During the match, which lasted twenty minutes, seven players were on the field. In extra time (four minutes), four players did the honours.
Jong Ajax made a good impression during the tournament in Hong Kong. During the quarterfinals, when they met the Argentinian Boca Juniors, Jong Ajax was the stronger party. They controlled the match in Asia though strong position playing. Johan Kappelhof scored the only goal on a pass from Florian Jozefzoon. Kappelhop stood in the goal during extra time. “ We only had four players on the bench, and I had to go with players who could do double duty” , explained coach
Vink afterwards.
After several hours of rest, the semifinal match against Celtic started. Jong Ajax was the stronger team once again. They controlled the match, but created very few scoring opportunities. After twenty minutes, the scoreboard still read 0-0. Just as the crowd was getting ready for a series of penalty shots, Celtic scored unexpectedly, eliminated Jong Ajax. Depsite the elimination, Vink and Anastasiou’s team earned a well deserved third place.