Ten Hag: 'I really thought the goal would come'

Ten Hag: 'I really thought the goal would come'

Coach Erik ten Hag is disappointed with the first loss of points under his leadership.  After winning the Classic, the Ajax coach - against his former team, no less – was forced to be satisfied with just one point.  “Being Ajax, we must always win.”

“I had expected my return here to be different.  Better, for one thing, because in the end, it’s about winning, and we failed to do that.  Historically, we’ve often squandered points here.  I’m obviously not pleased with one point, but we’ll have to live with it.”

“I didn’t think we played well in the first phase.  We hadn’t planned on it that way.  But the team reacted well but shaking things up earlier.  Once we’d gotten that in order, we also had some scoring opportunities.  We became more and more dominant.  I didn’t substitute because I felt that the players who were in could score.  I thought the goal would come.  In the end, we weren’t resolute enough.”

The goal didn’t come, and PSV increased its lead.  “The competition won’t be decided until April or May.  But we obviously need to win games.”

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