Sweet memories of Vienna 1995

Sweet memories of Vienna 1995

Great memories resurfaced for many Ajacieds on Tuesday evening in the Ernst Happel Stadion. On the eve of the first match against Rapid Wien, it was another evening in Vienna that was much discussed. The day Ajax won the Champions League, in 1995. Frank de Boer, Edwin van der Sar and Ronald de Boer took a walk down memory lane.

Was the goal on the left or the right side? The answer comes quickly. ‘Left of the dug-out’, remembers Frank de Boer at the press conference. Edwin van der Sar and Ronald de Boer also had their own memories upon returning to the stadium where Patrick Kluivert decided the CL championship against AC Milan twenty years and two months ago.

“I mostly remember the final whistle. That’s the moment when we knew we’d won the cup”, said Ronald de Boer with a wide smile. Ajax coach Frank’s twin brother shared his memories with the press. And at each interview, that smile returns. The memories are still sweet.

Moments to cherish

De Boer remembers a moment when he was sitting on the field with brother Frank. Also, meeting the injured AC Milan player Marco van Basten, who was in attendance at the final game. “Those are the moments you cherish. Just like Danny Blind’s chance to score the 2-0 goal, just before time. And obviously Patrick’s goal. But I remember the goal on the other side of the field more clearly, because I was in action much more in the first half. After the break, I was at the middle line more as a right half. But I didn’t see much action around the goal in which the winning goal was scored.”

In 2015, Ronald de Boer is a TV analyst. He’ll be commenting on the game on Wednesday evening in Vienna for SBS6. Just like Van der Sar and Frank de Boer, Ronal de Boer needed to dig deep into his memory for bring up those images from 1995. “We lived in a sort of tunnel around the finals. I can’t really remember much about the preparations. I can better recall the moments during the match, and afterwards. I ran like crazy over the field like everyone else when it was over. We just wanted to share our happiness with each other.”