Surprise awaits Ajax in the friendly skies

Surprise awaits Ajax in the friendly skies

Ajax had a problem free flight from Amsterdam to Southampton. After one hour and ten minutes, flight DNM 1900 touched down on English soil. In the southern port city, Ajax is preparing for its first practice match on Saturday against host Southampton FC.

Frank de Boer’s 27 man selection, plus staff members, gathered after the morning practice in the Amsterdam ArenA. After that, the player’s bus brought the Ajax players to Schiphol East. A Denim Air Fokker 50 flew the national champions across the channel.

Flight attendant Sylvia Roodsant took care of the catering during the flight. The Rotterdam native had planned a surprise for the passengers, as it appeared once air-bound. A Feyenoord logo was placed on her black hairband. “A bit of humour is fun”, said the flight attendant with a smile about the risqué joke. “When we flew for the European Championships, in a plane full of Germans, I was wearing an orange ribbon. After Germany – Holland, I gave it back as a souvenir.” Her special hair accessory was only noticed by a few Ajax players. Even the most vigilant Amsterdammers saw the humour. “Some thought it was a ‘fun thing’”, laughs the South Holland native. “Although someone else asked if I had put needles in the sandwiches.”

While the Olympic city of London appears under the Fokker aircraft, Roodsant talks about her company. Before this, employees of Denim Air used to wear denim. That’s now changed. Denim Air, which has a fleet of four airplanes, has carried interesting passengers. “In Afghanistan, we transported the military, and closer to home, many sports teams”, says the outgoing blonde. “Italian teams from the A Series, for example, but also professional clubs from France. And rugby and ice hockey teams. I have to say, this is a pleasant flight. Sometimes, they aren’t.”
“Our captain Dick is for Vitesse”, says Roodsant with a smile. “Before, he wanted to hang a Vitesse flag in the front of the plane. But he didn’t.”